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Please, consider the following Terms and Conditions:

Reservation Confirmation:
Reservations are confirmed only upon receipt of a confirmation from the restaurant.
First line reservation priority given to guest.

Reservation Terrace priority:
We kindly inform our guests that priority will be given to dinner reservations. While we appreciate your interest in drinks and desserts, please note that reservations for dinner will be accommodated with priority.

Duration of Reservation:
The reserved table will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes from the scheduled reservation time.
The reservation duration includes the time allocated for ordering, dining, and any post-dinner activities.

Customers are expected to arrive promptly for their reservation. If late, the reserved time will not be extended.

Ordering Time:
Customers are encouraged to place their orders promptly to make the most of their allocated time.

While the restaurant will make every effort to accommodate all guests, flexibility with the reservation duration cannot be guaranteed, especially during peak hours.

Release of Table:
If the party has not arrived within 15 minutes of the reserved time, the restaurant reserves the right to release the table to waiting guests.

Extension of Reservation:
Extensions to the reservation duration are subject to availability and at the discretion of the restaurant staff.

Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellations or changes to the reservation should be made at least 2 hours in advance.

Minimum Order Requirement:
A minimum order amount may be required per person during the reservation period.

Failure to show up for a reservation without prior notice may result in a no-show fee or future reservation restrictions.

Special Requests:
Special requests, such as specific table preferences or dietary restrictions, should be communicated in advance and are subject to availability.

Changes to Terms:
The restaurant reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions with or without notice.