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Where the rich heritage of fishing intertwines with our unwavering passion for the sea.

Nestled in the heart of the UAE, our seafood restaurant is a celebration of the region's deep-rooted fishing traditions and the bountiful treasures it bestows upon us.

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At Sammach Spot

Our commitment to quality is unmatched. We handpick the freshest catches each day, ensuring that every bite is a testament to the exceptional seafood heritage of the UAE. From succulent prawns to tender fish fillets, each ingredient tells a story of the vast, shimmering sea that surrounds us.

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Step inside Sammach Spot and embark on a voyage through the maritime history of the UAE. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that echoes the seafaring spirit, where the captivating aromas and vibrant colors transport you to a world of coastal enchantment.

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Terms & Conditions: kindly be informed that any reservations in case the guest is late 15 minutes without any prior information, the booking will automatically be cancelled. kindly call us ahead of time in case you are late to keep your table available.